Trust Yourself

Hello guys, today I want to hit the topic of scams. Scams come in many different forms and when you least expect it. Specifically, I want to touch on the blogger scams. There are tons of blogs out there that promise to help you and guide you into making money but they’re simply lying. These bloggers are only interested in self promotion and making a quick dollar off of you. When you read blogs you should take in consideration that they are not there to help you out but are only thinking about their own pockets. Review blogs instantly claim other programs are not legit just so they can offer you their programs which are scams. These people are only looking out for themselves and it is ethically unjust. 

Everyone for themselves.

I try to keep opinions from my blogs but when you come across something you don’t like it is hard to keep shut. It is my duty to speak on the things out there that are unjust and wrong. Several websites for example like Mama’s Money Tree just claim other programs are scams just to get you to sign up for their program and make money under them. People when you read reviews it always best to just try it out for yourself. These other review bloggers are stopping you guys from earning good money. 

What I see

As I read and go through all of these reviews on certain sites that I know is legit, it boggles me how these blogs can say that they aren’t without any experience or even any proof. I go through all of these websites and actually take the time out to see if they are legit or not. My conclusions are based on first hand experience, and I always share legit information. When websites are scams, I tell the public, when they are legit, I tell the public no matter what.  I am not here to profit off of your indecisiveness, I want to lead you down the right path. I take pride in being able to help you guys find the right way to make money.

Blogs create the narrative

There are tons of other blogs that love to create their own narrative just to lead you to their own website. It’s a shame of how people have the heart to take advantage of those who only seek guidance. These blogs are here to help people learn the right way to make money online but others just use this to take advantage of people. My advice to you all is that you should always be skeptical but do not let others lead you down the wrong direction, it is important that you take the initiative to go out and give whatever program you’re looking into a shot. 

be careful sign, warning sign, vector illustration

To conclude, basically what I am saying is that you shouldn’t just right off the bat believe someone. You need to experience things for yourself and see what they are about. Do not let others influence you otherwise because they are only interested in helping themselves not you, remember that.