Influencers Earn, Does it Work?

Welcome to another review by me! This time, I’ll be reviewing Influencers Earn and letting you know whether this is the real deal. 


In my search for these endless amount of influencer network sites, I came across one that had a clear name. Influencers Earn is about as direct as a name can get. From first appearances, this site seems like a clone of other sites that I have reviewed, like Earn and Go. Despite this blatant copying mentality, I decided to give them a chance. 

The Webpage Itself

The page itself has a very basic, yet easy interface to it. I do notice the lack of original images. The backgrounds used are generic, and not of high quality. This right here shows that they are not caring to details. Small details like this usually translate into more problems later on, but we’ll see. I also notice grammatical errors, and incorrect verbiage on their site. For example, “our user’s” is incorrect, and them not knowing that is proof to their lack of validity. 

My Experience

While the website has its faults, it is the key into the rest of your experience. The sign-up is what’d you expect. You use your email address and create a password and username. According to their sign-up screen, you get a $25 bonus for free. Despite this claim, I did not get that on sign-up, or at all actually. Also, according to them, you earn $10 for everyone who uses your referral link.

Now, doing their tasks was different than what they tell you. There are social media posts, surveys, and referrals that are the basis for how you earn money. Doing these posts and surveys were seemingly easy. Surveys were long and wordy, with no real goal in mind. Also, $50 for a social media post seemed outlandish, but I still gave it a try. I completed 11 surveys, 2 social media posts, and got a few of my friends to use my referral. These should have earned me a hefty sum of money. 

Influencers Earn also claim quick payouts within 3 days. While trying to claim my money, I found an issue where my earnings had dropped unexpectedly. The earnings had dropped by a few hundred, and there was no customer service available to me. Despite this, I took it as an error and continued with my payout. I tried to get paid through PayPal. There was no payment within 3 days, 8 days, 5 weeks… Basically, I did not get paid by Influencers Earn at all. My time and effort was wasted, and all I earned was content to write this blog. 

Other Issues

Continuing my research on Influencers Earn, I decided to delve deeper into their claims. They claim to work with popular, national brands like McDonalds, and even Fortnite. How do you work with strictly food brands, and then a video game? Anyways,I had to know where this alleged money would even come from. They have a page to describe how they work. This page is a blank page with a brief, vague description of their alleged backings, and their logo slapped on. They claim that they used to start with earnings as low as a dime, but their referrals gained value over time. They have 10 years of experience, yet were founded in 2019? 

Another blatant problem to show their lies is that they have an info site, that has no info on it. This undeveloped page shows how undeveloped they are as a whole. 


Influencers Earn is not the real deal y’all.This site attempts to copy legitimate sites, without the effort. There’s no legitimacy to their claims. I received no payments. I found no link between them and the brands they “work with”. And lastly, they have no development at all. 

Be safe my friends…